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Terms and conditions

This private agreement outlines the terms of cooperation between Corfu Extreme Sports and the client.
1. Trip Confirmation
No pre-arrangements and pre-bookings are made until Corfu extreme sports sends to the client the final description of the specific trip, at the specific dates, stating the final price and the services included. To secure the booking, we request a proof of payment of the 20% of the total cost of the trip. Balance should be arranged according to the requirements of the tour and activity in advance of the date of the activity. After receiving the deposit and confirmation from the client, we will send  all the necessary details concerning the realization of the trip or the activity.
2. Cancellation Fees
-In case of no show of a client in a tour the Company reserves the right to keep the whole paid amount.
-In case the client requests cancellation more than 20 days before the tour the company will keep 30% of the deposit.
-In case the client requests cancellation more than 10 days before the tour the company will keep 50% of the deposit.
-In case the client requests cancellation more than 5 days before the tour the company will keep 100% of the deposit.
3. During the activity
By participating in an activity, you assume certain obligations to the company and to all partners. The client agrees to accept the authority and decisions of the company’s employees and instructors during the activity. The company has the right to exclude a participant from all or part of the trip/ program without refund or compensation if the leader decides that the participant is dangerous for him or other members or in case that he doesn’t comply with the terms and safety regulations of the activity. Participants under the use of alcohol or drugs will be excluded without any compensation or refund. In case of health/medical problem, the company may make such arrangements, and recover the costs from the participant. If a participant commits an illegal act, he/she may be excluded and the company will cease to have responsibility to/for them without refund. During the activities, participants may be photographed or video recorded. All material is used by Corfu Extreme Sports for its promotional activities (brochures, website, advertisements etc). In case you do not wish to show up to our promotional material you should inform us in advance in written form.
4. Alterations/Cancellations from the company
The company reserves the right to cancel a planned trip for safety reasons due to bad weather conditions or other unpredictable reason. In that case full refund will be given. The company and the leaders may suggest an alternative tour or activity accordingly.
5. Alterations by the client
Any sudden or not justified change (date, destination, number of participants, etc), may have an extra charge of the total price.

6. Extra expenses
All extra expenses not mentioned on the tour or activity have to be paid on the spot by the client.
7. Last minute bookings
In case of a request for a last minute booking, the company will advise availability and payment methods according to the activity.

8. Complaints – Refund Policy
If a participant requires a refund after the end of the tour, he/ she has to inform the Company at the latest 7 working days after the end of the tour and justify the complaint. The Company will review the request and reply within 7 working days, after carefully examining the demands and facts of the incident.

9. Responsibilities – Disclaimer:
Outdoor activities operated by the Company and partners are suitable for most of the general public without previous experience. Outdoor activities done in mountainous or marine environments, involve exposure to hazards, while both nursing and medical care in these areas may be very inaccessible. Participants should have a basic level of fitness, be in good mental and physical health and be able to follow simple instructions.  Participants join with their own responsibility of actions and they are aware of the difficulties and possible dangers. The company and partners are responsible for the safety standards and equipment for each activity. The company is not responsible in any case of an accident or death during an activity due to any reason or other unpredictable factor. In case of an accident that needs nursing, all medical, transfer or other expenses, cover the participant. Participants who wish a personal or group accident insurance should inform us in advance and we will suggest external insurance office.

10. Waiver of liability
Outdoor activities have certain risks that cannot be eliminated regardless taken all the safety measures. All participants assert that any participation is voluntary and that they knowingly assume all risks related to outdoor activities, motor, marine or other activities we host. Participating on our tours, all clients and participants release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Athens Extreme Sports, our partners, employees or guides from liability from any and all claims, in case of an accident resulting in personal injury, minor, major or severe injuries including paralysis and death. Athens extreme sports is not responsible in any case of accident, illness, injury or property loss of the participant during a trip or activity. By confirming and participating on a tour, the participant thereby agrees to the company’s terms and conditions, acknowledge, understand and appreciate all mentioned and other risks.

11. Dispute resolution
Any dispute arising under this contract will be settled by the parties in accordance with good faith and practices. If this is not possible, exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute between parties have the court of Corfu, Greece.

12. Alterations and cancellation of the private agreement
This private agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No modification is binding unless stated in writing form and confirmed by both parties.

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