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Colony of wild honeybees - Beekeeping seminar | Corfu extreme sports

Apiary seminar - Beekeeper for a day

Description of the seminar : Join our outdoor trip in North Corfu landscape, on our private apiary where you will get to know in close, the fascinating world and society of honey bees. We will talk in theory about beekeeping and also open hives taken all the safety measures. You will see in person how do honey bees behave, what are their everyday tasks according to their age and the needs of their hive and you will also learn about their vital importance in fruit and vegetables production among others.  By the end of this short seminar, you will get to tell the difference between the queen, the drone and the worker bee as well as  understand their value in the ecosystem.  We will also talk about the products that honey bees produce, their significance of  human health and their role in the global economy and food production. Finally you will enjoy a tasting of local honey, pollen and propolis extract from our hives along with traditional greek coffee.


Important  : For safety and health issues the seminar is not available for individuals that are allergic to honey bees sting, venom and products.      

More information :

-Duration : 2,5 hours

-Cost : 45 euros/person

-Availability : Daily, morning and evening hours, from March until October.

-Location : Chorepiskopoi village, North Corfu.

At a glance:

- Be familiar with honey bees and their society.

- Try local corfiot honey bees  products.

- Ideal for small groups and families with children.


What's included :

-Safety equipment (beekeeping hat)

-Experienced beekeeper as a guide

-Honey, pollen, propolis tasting and coffee

-Photographs from the activity

-Vat and taxes

What you should bring :

- Long open colour trousers, white colour, short or long sleeve shirt, closed shoes.

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