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Physiotherapy sessions

Manual Therapy (Maitland Concept)

The Maitland method (concept) is one of the most important orthopaedic treatments with manipulations aimed at the rehabilitation of injuries of the neuron-musculoskeletal system. This method uses specialized approach techniques, which include "manipulations" and "therapeutic exercises". Orthopaedic treatment with special manipulations includes and is guided by the available scientific and clinical evidence and the bio-psychosocial context of each patient individually. 


These are techniques for mobilizing all the joints of the body, each one individually, which can malfunction and negatively affect the neuron-musculoskeletal system. The therapy aims at :

 • the relief of pain and muscle spasm of an area 

 • restoring the elasticity of soft tissues 

 • the normal relationship and mobility of the joints

 • the correction of muscle weakness and the stabilization of unstable parts

 • the restoration of the patient's functional capacity 

 • prevention of relapses 


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic massage method that aims to remove tension from the body, which is caused by chronic patterns of posture or movement of the body (poor sleep or work posture, repetitive movements, sports activity, old injuries). Includes intense pressure and special massage techniques on all deep muscle groups. This results in the relaxation not only of the superficial muscles, but of the entire structure and course of the muscle groups and connective tissues that are deep and form the second and third layers of the muscular system, thus contributing to the fight against muscle contractions, chronic inflammation, muscle pain and stress. 


Deep Tissue Massage aims to :

 • To relax and essentially "detach" the muscle fibres

 • Eliminate toxins and pathogenic substances, especially after physical exercise. 

 • Activate deep muscle groups that are not easily detected by other massage techniques 

 • Achieve increased blood circulation and facilitate the supply of oxygen, which contributes to their rapid recovery and leads to a drastic reduction in physical pain.


 Dry Needling Acupuncture

 The dry needle technique is an effective method of treating muscle tension and spasm, conditions that accompany symptoms such as arthritis, nerve irritation, sprains and degenerative intervertebral discs. The dry needle technique essentially involves inserting an acupuncture needle into the muscle through the epidermis to release potential trigger points. The dry needle leads to relaxation of deeper tissue structures, thus causing a significant improvement in movement and pain relief. It is called "dry" because the insertion of a needle does not involve the injection of a drug. This fact allows us to use classic acupuncture needles that are thinner and better accepted by the patient. This means that any therapeutic effect is clearly due to the needle and the correct technique of its use by the therapist. The use of dry needle, often called intramuscular stimulation, should not be equated with traditional acupuncture as although the same medium can be used, the philosophy of application is completely different.

More information :

- Duration : 50 minutes/session

-Cost : 45 euros/session in the area of Corfu Town, for other destinations will be an extra charge.

-Availability : Daily, morning and evening hours.

-Location : Your apartment or hotel room.


What's included :

-Expert physiotherapist

-All the necessary equipment for the session.

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