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Group photo on cave entrance - Caving | Corfu extreme sports

Caving - Spelunking

Ideal for friends and small groups

Caving is a exciting sub-terrain activity for people who are thrilled with the unknown and want to explore cave systems for either scientific purposes, sports or recreation. It is an activity that combines hiking, climbing, mountaineering and outdoor exploring. In Greek mythology many caves are related with the birth of a god or residence of creatures like titans, giants and nymphs.  In Corfu there are more than 100 small and larger caves, sinkholes and sea caves. Most of them are considered part of the history and culture, often accompanied with local myths and folk stories of the region they are found. Caves were used from indigenous from the ancient times for shelter, residence and protection against wild beasts or enemy tribes. In the Medieval times, caves offered shelter to the locals against piracy invasions, while in more recent history caves offered shelter to villagers and people of the country of Corfu during bombardments of the island during WW2. Our team is constantly looking for new caves all over Corfu, we have spotted, mapped and photographed most of the known caves on the island. Find below a selection of the most interesting caves found so far. Caving is an activity done in nature, requires certain techniques in order to enter and come out of a cave with safety and can be dangerous without special training and equipment. We arrange half day caving trips in Corfu taking all the safety requirements.


Description : We will meet at a designated location close to the cave entrance and you will get a short introduction on what is caving, the importance and the role of caves in the ecosystem, the geological formations that we will encounter inside the cave and how they were created. We will talk about the animals and insects that find shelter and live at the caves including mammals, reptiles and insects. Finally we will discuss safety issues, the protection of caves, the possible dangers of caving and how we will enter and behave inside the cave during our visit. The tours are for beginners and those who want to explore easy and horizontal underground systems. Experienced cavers can contact us in order to arrange an exploration trip to more demanding caves. 


Prices : 50 € per person for minimum participation 2 people.

Activity duration : 2-3 hours.

Previous experience : No previous experience needed.

Availability : Daily, morning hours.

At a glance:

- Explore unseen and forgotten sites and caves, underground spots of geological and historical significance.

- Combine hiking, outdoor and underground exploring.

- See and observe an alternative side of Corfu underground.


What's included :

-Expert caver guide

-Personal equipment : helmet, flash light

-Group mountain first aid kit and safety gear.

-Photographs from the activity

-Vat and taxes

What you should bring :

- Backpack with water and snack.

- Light clothing for hiking.

- Extra pair of clothes that will get dirty for caving.

- Mountain boots or sports shoes with good grip.

Gravolithia Cave

Katsouris Cave

Kaminaki Cave

Ano Grava Cave

Anthropograva Cave