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  • What makes Corfu Extreme Sports the best choice for me?
    Get off the beaten tracks and explore with us on a private tour, the most unique spots and activities in Corfu. We are a team of young and friendly professionals based in Corfu and we host alternative and innovative activity tours in nature. We specialise on extreme sports lessons, outdoor exploration tours and sports trips in Corfu and Greece.
  • Is there a previous experience needed in order to join ?
    No, you will not need any previous experience. Our tours and activities are suited to the general public with basic fitness. For further details about a specific activity or tour contact us.
  • Will I need any special equipment that I have to bring ?
    No, we will contact you and inform you on what to bring according to the activity.
  • Where is the meeting point for the tours ?
    We host tours all around the island of Corfu, we will contact you and provide all the information upon booking.
  • How do I pay ?
    Upon booking and confirmation of a tour we will send you the details for the payment. We accept credit card, paypal, bank transactions and cash payments.
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