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Scuba Diving

Ideal for beginners and experienced divers

The island of Corfu is a developing scuba dive destination with many followers from all over the world. More than 50 diving locations and spots are recorded from the diving community and scuba divers around the island. The mild, Mediterranean climate combined with deep blue seas, crystal clear waters, historical shipwrecks, underwater canyons, sea caves and reefs full of aquatic life, offer unique underwater experiences and supreme dives for certified divers and beginners. Explore with us the underwater beauties of the Ionian sea, whether you are an experienced diver or not. Our team of friendly and professional crew, offers scuba dive training, dives from the coast, scuba diving and snorkelling boat trips on popular destinations and diving spots on the island of Corfu. Private dives with a motor boat for certified divers and beginners can be arranged upon request.

Discover Scuba Diving - Try Scuba Diving

Ideal for beginners

Description : The beginners scuba diving programs is an introduction to scuba diving, potentially a life changing experience for many who will try it for the first time! The program consists of three parts.

-Part 1: It starts with a lecture given by a certified instructor where you first get acquainted with the equipment and learn some diving theory.

 -Part 2: Theory is followed by practising some diving skills with your instructor in shallow “confined” waters and getting familiar with your equipment.

 -Part 3 : The program ends with an open water dive under the supervision of an instructor. You will get the chance to discover the underwater world, to swim alongside friendly sea creatures like moray eels, groupers, octopuses, sting rays and enjoy the safe, warm and clear Mediterranean waters while practising your new diving skills!!!

Duration : 3,5-5 hours.

Prices  : DIVING EXPERIENCE (try scuba diving)

~ Try diving experience shore dive (full training and buoyancy control)  80 euro 

~ Try diving experience boat dive (full training and buoyancy control)  100 euro 

~ Try diving experience double boat dives (full training and buoyancy control)  150 euro 

Availability : From April until November.

Locations : Ermones and Palaiokastritsa

Restrictions : Children above 10 years old with basic swimming skills can participate.

Including :

-All diving equipment.

-Certified instructors.

-Dan diving insurance.

-Vat and taxes.

You should have with you :

- Swimming suit and towel.

- Flip flops or wet shoes.

- Warm and dry clothing to change after the activity.

Training courses for beginners

Scuba diver,  Open Water Diver,  Advanced Open Water Diver

Description : Gain your first scuba diving certification with PADI, or ANDI two of the biggest diving associations globally, thus with these certifications you can dive or rent scuba equipment everywhere in the world. The scuba diver certification takes 2-3 days and you can dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters. You could continue with more intensive course of Open Water Diver which takes 4-7 days and allows you to dive down to 18 meters. The course consists of the Open Water Diver theory, 5 dive lessons in confined waters and 4 shore open water dives at the crystal clear waters of the Ionian sea.

Scuba Diver

Duration : 2-3 days

Cost : Prices start from 250 euros, may vary according to the participation number.


Open Water Diver

Duration : 4-7 days

Cost : Prices start from 400 euros, may vary according to the participation number


Advanced Open Water Diver

Duration : 2-3 days

Cost : Prices start from 350 euros, may vary according to the participation number

Availability : Daily, contact us for more details.

Locations : Ermones

Boat Scuba Dive Trips for certified divers

Description : Motor boat trips for scuba diving for certified divers on different spots and diving locations in Corfu. Hidden bays, shipwrecks, caverns, vertical walls and reefs are some of the highlights that make scuba diving in Corfu an exciting activity. Explore the marine life, coral formations, small and big fish, historical wrecks and deep dives. Our team of friendly and expert dive masters and instructors will lead you to the beauties of the underwater world with safety and passion. There is an option for snorkeling trips as well.


Availability : Daily upon request from May until October.

Locations : Ermones and Palaiokastritsa

Duration : 3-4 hours.

Prices :

~ Single dive  80 euro 

~ 2 dives  110 euros (same day)

~ Scuba review  50 euro, single dive  

Including :

-One or two tank dives from a motor boat.

-Certified instructors and divemasters.

-Scuba dive equipment.

-Dan diving insurance.

-Underwater photos and video.

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