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Snorkeling - Skin diving | Corfu extreme sports

Snorkelling & Skin Diving


Snorkelling is an easy and most common water activity that allows divers to swim and observe marine life up close and personal. It is a great way to explore the underwater coastline from the surface but also sea caves and shipwrecks that are found on shallow waters, without the need of special equipment that is used in scuba diving. You will only need a mask, snorkel and fins, while on cold waters a wetsuit will be necessary and will also protect you from possible stinks and minor scratches. Skin Diving is basically advanced snorkelling in a sense that you don't stay just on the surface, but also beneath the water’s surface without scuba equipment. Skin divers dive for fun or to enjoy marine life up close with one breath from the surface. Ideal for families and friends on vacation who want to explore aquatic life, scuba divers between dives and people who want this to be the extent of their in-water experience.

Description : We will meet on the beach and prepare our equipment for the dive. You will learn how to choose the right equipment and how to enter and come out of the sea with safety. You will also learn how to use your snorkel and skin diving techniques, including checking buoyancy, surface swimming, clearing water from your snorkel and mask and finally performing effortless surface dives.


Prices :, 60 € per person for minimum participation 2 people.

Availability : Daily, morning hours from April until December.

Locations : We are mobile, contact us for details.

Duration of activity : 2-3 hours.

Previous experience : Basic swimming skills are required.

Restrictions : Children above 10 years old with basic swimming skills can participate with parental supervision.

What's included :

- Divemaster, certified rescue diver

- Safety gear : wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel. 

- Group first aid kit.

- Photos and videos.

- Vat and taxes.

You should have with you :

- Swimming suit and towel.

- Flip flops or wet shoes.

- Warm and dry clothing to change after the activity.

- Water and snack.

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