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Corfu Extreme Sports

Plunge into the Adventure of a Lifetime

 two jelly fish

About Us

Corfu Extreme Sports is a group of young, local professionals, a network of sports instructors and sports experts based in the island of Corfu, Greece. We do extreme sports and outdoor activities and we are inspired by people who reach out and catch their dreams.

We organise outdoor activities and camps in Greece, we arrange adventure day trips and weekend plans for groups and individuals. Corfu Extreme Sports is aiming at people who love nature and adventure, they want to explore and experience more of our beautiful island.


Our most popular activities

Ano grava cave - Corfu extreme

Caving - Speleology

Explore underground caving systems

and learn about caves in Corfu.

Sup - Corfu extreme sports.jpg

A fun and easy to learn sea activity for everyone.

Cliff diving - Corfu extreme sports.jpg

Cliff diving -Coasteering

Jumb from different heights and explore scenic bays from land and sea.

Snorkelling - Corfu extreme sports.jpg

Snorkeling  - Skin diving

Explore the underwater world with mask and fins.

Rock climber - Corfu extreme sports.jpg

Rock climbing

Climb the best crags of the island with the best view

Certified by

SSI logo - Corfu extreme sports
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